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About Us

The Company

Located in Ottawa, ON, CANADA, UniqueAuction was launched in 2005 by Allainet.

The UA team started working on the concept in 2000 and officially launched the site in May 2005.

UniqueAuction has given away thousands of items for a fraction of the price. Some highlights over the past three years included a $60,000 Nissan 350z sports car selling for only $720 and over 150 Xbox 360's selling for no more than $4.00 during the 2005 Christmas season. Anytime there's a hot new item, you'll find it on UniqueAuction for a fraction of the price.

At the original UA launch, the site charged $1.00 and $2.00 per bid with great success. Now, with all bidding fees waived and bids completely FREE, UA hopes to have continued success and growth for many years to come.

UniqueAuction has appeared in and on many publications and news networks throughout North America, including: KTLA's Kurt the Cyber Guy, USA Today, Boston Globe, Forbes, San Jose Mercury News, New York Newsday, Edmonton Sun, City TV's & various A-Channel Breakfast Televisions, CNET News, CTV's TechNow, and many more!

Sign up to UniqueAuction today and let the bidding begin!


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