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30 Nov 99 00:00:00 EST
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Welcome to UniqueAuction.com Board

The Forum is for active customers of UniqueAuction.com. Customers who have funded their account, have placed at least one bid and who are willing to accept the Forum rules are allowed to post. Non-active customers may read the Forum but cannot post.

UniqueAuction.com may suspend or prohibit account holders at any time and for any reason in its absolute discretion.


Any customer wishing to post a message agrees not to post any item that:
  1. Is defamatory or discloses any information that the customer has no legal right to disclose
  2. Is (or contains anything which is) vulgar, hateful, obscene or insulting
  3. Contains any form of advertising, promotional materials or any form of commercial activity
  4. Contains any promotion of any competitors of UniqueAuction.com or their products
  5. Contains any virus, corrupted files, "Trojan Horses" or any other matter that could cause harm to the computer of any third party
  6. Contains any intentionally false or misleading statements or any statement seeking to unfairly manipulate a market
  7. Is an attempt to collect or store data about other customers
  8. Contains a link to any other website address of, or promotes the services of, a competitor of UniqueAuction.com
  9. Is in a language other than English
By using the Forum you agree to be bound by the above rules. Anyone found to be in breach of any of the above rules faces removal from the Forum and suspension of their UniqueAuction.com account.

PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS FORUM FOR QUERIES NEEDING A RESPONSE FROM UNIQUEAUCTION.COM. Contact the LiveHelp from the front page of UniqueAuction.com or support@UniqueAuction.com. If you have any comments in relation to a posting on the Forum you can email forum@UniqueAuction.com. or call the Helpdesk on the number above.
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