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Sponsor Free Bids
In sponsoring free bids, all UniqueAuction members will see your company name and logo each time they place one of their free bids (up to 20 free bids per auction). Each free bid sponsored could be as low as 1.125 cents per bid.

Each member can place a maximum of 20 free bids at once. Each block of 5 bids equals 1 sponsor unit. Therefore, up to 4 sponsor units can be used for each bid confirmation page.

How it works:

  • Each time a member places a bid, they will see a bid confirmation page.
  • If any free bids were used, your company name and logo will be displayed on the bid confirmation page, once for each sponsor unit.
  • Sponsors are displayed randomly unless they have chosen exclusive rights.
  • A sponsor unit consists of 1 to 5 free bids.
  • Each bid confirmation page may display up to 4 sponsors.
  • If you select an exclusive option, then no other sponsor info will be displayed on the bid confirmation page at the same time as yours.


  • UserA places 8 bids at once using the Platinum Membership Mini-Bot. These 8 bids are free for UserA because he is subscribed to the Gold+ Bid Plan.
  • The bid confirmation page appears, and it displays 2 sponsors. Sponsor1 is charged for the 1st sponsor unit (5 free bids) and Sponsor2 is charged for 2nd sponsor unit (the remaining 3 free bids).
  • If Sponsor1 had chosen an Exclusive option, then only Sponsor1 would have been displayed on the bid confirmation page and Sponsor1 would have been charged for both sponsor units.

    The price of each sponsor unit is determined by how many units you sponsor. The table below displays the various price points for sponsoring bids.

    Minimum Units  Maximum Units  Price per Unit 

    Exclusive Per Item: Add 20%               Exclusive Per Page: Add 10%

    Exclusive sponsor:

  • You may choose to be the exclusive sponsor "Per Item" or "Per Page".
  • Exclusive "Per Item" means that all free bids on that item are sponsored only by you.
  • Exclusive "Per Page" means that you and other sponsors may sponsor various items, but whenever your sponsorship is displayed on the bid confirmation page, no other sponsors are displayed at that time.

    Enter the number of sponsor units you would like to purchase, and specify a daily spending limit.

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