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10 Oct 15 14:42:31 EST
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 Item: Audiovox 8600 1X Tri-Mode Cellular Phone - [6521]  Auction Details
Audiovox 8600 1X Tri-Mode Cellular Phone
Highest Unique Bid : $0.80
Bidding Fee : $2.00
Retail Price : $80.00
Our Max. Price : $0.81
Start Time : 03 Jul 07 13:00:00
Closing Time : 08 Jul 07 09:30:00
Reserve Bids : Attained
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Audiovox 8600 1X Tri-Mode Cellular Phone
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The winning bid was $0.80
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 Audiovox 8600 1X Tri-Mode Cellular Phone Description  Related Auctions
The Audiovox CDM8600 is an ultra small telephone that not only gives you the reliability and quality of an Audiovox wireless phone, but also the state-of-the-art features that many cellular users demand.

Large 9-line display panel with adjustable text size and 65K colour internal LCD.

Supports both English and French.

Internet and data ready.

Two-Way Text Messaging

Blue Keypad Backlighting

External Caller ID Display

Voice-Activated Dialing: Up to 20 names.

Two-Way Speakerphone

Active or non-active flip preference.

**Please Note: The service provider may charge activation and other fees. Contact the service provider for more details.

Audiovox 8600 1X Tri-Mode Cellular Phone
Audiovox 8600 1X Tri-Mode Cellular Phone


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